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Our speakers

LegalTech experts

The LegalTech program has brought together a rich pannel of speakers : Professors, researchers, practitioners, entrepreneurs… All of them are esteemed legal professionals and experts who will provide you with the most innovative content to help transform the legal professions.

Global leaders

Expect a world class virtual courses with international speakers across topics most relevant to the Legal Technology Industry thanks to the content’s dematerialization.

American, South American and Asian firms will contribute to the program by training tomorrow’s Legal leaders. Students will have the unique opportunity to be trained by practitioners and academics fromStanford University,Anglo-Saxon law startups’ founders, as well as Brazilian and Colombian professionals.

Speakers from North America

Esteemed speakers and panelists from around the world make this certificate unique. We offer you the latest insights and the most innovative content by integrating into our team some of Silicon Valley’s leading experts in LegalTech!

We are honoured to present Dr. Roland VoglExecutive Director of CodeX: Stanford Law School’s Center for Legal Informatics. Three team leaders of current CodeX projects will present their research work and the challenges of their work at this world-renowned center.

David Johnson teaches at the intersection of Law & Design. He served as General Counsel in several tech companies in Silicon Valley, and now teaches at both the Stanford Law School and the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford (a/k/a, the “d.school”). He greatly honours us by taking part in the Legal Design course and sharing his vast experience in design thinking and its applicability to law and policy.  

And last but not least, Ray Everett is a global leader in the field of Data Privacy. He will carry out two courses on creating global compliance programmes. Ray was appointed, in 1999, as perhaps the world’s first Chief Privacy Officers in a tech company. He was a founding board member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP).

Photo de Rolland Vogl

Roland Vogl

Stanford Law School
CodeX: Stanford Center for Legal informatics

Executive Director of CodeX : the Stanford Center for Legal Informatics.
Executive Director of the Stanford Program in Law, Science and Technology

Photo de David Johnson

David Johnson

Stanford Law School
Hasso Plattner School of Design (a/k/a "the d.school)

Lecturer in Law at Stanford Law School and D School
General Counsel for public, private and non-profit companies
Scientific Advisor to the Global Institute for Law and Innovation

Leticia Britos

Leticia Britos Cavagnaro, Ph.D.

Hasso Plattner Institute of Design (d.school)
School of Engineering
Stanford University

Co-director, University Innovation Fellows Program, and Adjunct Professor
Hasso Plattner Institute of Design (d.school) 
School of Engineering
Stanford University

Ray Everett Certificate LegalTech

Ray Everett

Data Secrets, Inc

Co-founder and Chief Privacy Officer de Data Secrets Inc.
Founding board member of the International Association of Privacy Professional (IAPP).
Fellow of Information Privacy by IAPP

Oliver Goodenough Certificate LegalTech

Oliver Goodenough

Harvard’s Berkman Center
Vermont Law School
Dartmouth's Thayer School of Engineering

Faculty Associate at Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society
Professor of Law and the Director of the Center for Legal Innovation at Vermont Law School
Research Fellow of the Gruter Institute for Law and Behavioral Research
Adjunct Professor at Dartmouth’s Thayer School of Engineering

Pieter Gunst CodeX Fellow

Pieter Gunst

Stanford Law School
CodeX: Stanford Center for Legal informatics
Singapour University

Entrepreneurial Fellow and Founder of the TechIndex Group at CodeX: Stanford Center for Legal Informatics
Co-founder and CEO of Legal.io

Tony Lai Fellow CodeX

Tony Lai

Stanford Law School
CodeX: Stanford Center for Legal informatics
Singapour University

Entrepreneurial Fellow and Founder of the Blockchain Group at CodeX: Stanford Center for Legal Informatics
Co-founder of Legal.io
Fellow at National University of Singapour (NUS)
Fondateur du Stanford Journal of Blockchain Law & Policy

Speakers from South America

Our students will have the opportunity to get to know the legal ecosystem in South America, specifically in Brazil and Colombia, through projects and business processes.

Daniela Cabella, Head of Privacy & Data Compliance and DPO at Zoox Smart Data – Specialist in data processing to understand customers’ behaviour and to improve
their experience – will share her experience and market expertise. Daniela will talk about user’s paths integrating the concept of Privacy by Design, ethics in Privacy and personal data protection in Scrum / agile method management.

It is in Colombia, in Bogota, that we are going to meet José Fernando Torres, a lawyer at Lexia. José has a wide international experience. He is a pioneer of Legal Design around the world (he was the first visiting professor at the Stanford Legal Design Lab). He works at the intersection of law, technology and design. José will not only contribute to the Legal Design course on use cases in Colombia and in the Dominican Republic, but will also take us into the Crypto Lab in Colombia!

Daniela Cabella Certificate LegalTech

Daniela Monte Serrat Cabella

Zoox Smart Data
Brazil Rio de Janeiro

Data Protection Officer (DPO)
Head of Privacy &
Data Compliance | Zoox Smart Data

José Fernando Torres Certificate LegalTech

José Fernando Torres Varela

Lawyer's office Lexia
Colombia Bogota

Partner and Director of Legal Design & Legal Innovation at Lexia

Speakers from Asia

Singapore is a highly innovative nation in LegalTech. By creating “The Law Society of Singapore” in 1967, the government supports the entire ecosystem (lawyers, attorneys, startups, Ministry of Justice, litigants…) to build new business models for legal services market of the future economy.

Therefore, Matthew Glynn choose to create a global legal marketplace in Singapore “Global Legal Solutions” – GLS. Matthew, along with other GLS speakers, will present their Global LegalTech vision and all the processes and tools to support the stakeholders in the ecosystem.

Matthew Glynn Certificate LegalTech

Matthew Glynn

Global Legal Solutions

Co-founder & Managing Director – Global Legal Solutions Group

Speakers from France

This programme will also bring together more than 20 French speakers.

Bright professors in Artificial Intelligence, Personal Data Protection, Data or Blockchain from highly rated French universities like the University of Paris Descartes or the University of Montpellier.

Professionals, such as lawyers, legal directors, consultants, legal data scientists, entrepreneurs… experts in private or public law will share their experiences and present the strategies put into place to guide the deep societal transformations affecting the Legal Industry.

Researchers from INRIA (French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation) and CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research) will set the scene around the most relevant topics to the stakes and keynotes of Artificial Intelligence and ethical issues.

Benjamin Amaudric du Chaffaut Certificate LegalTech

Benjamin Amaudric du Chaffaut

Google France

Deputy General Counsel Google France

Thiebald Cremers

Sciences Po Paris
French Association of Local Authorities Law (AFDCL)

Professeur à Sciences Po Paris depuis 2006 – Directeur de la Chaire « Mutations de l’Action Publique et du
Droit Public ». Distinguished professor since 2017.
Honorary President of the French Association of Local Government Law (AFDCL)
Directeur du Juris-Classeur Administratif, Editions Lexis Nexis
Author of various books.

Thiebald Cremers Certificate LegalTech

Thiebald Cremers

French Association of Financial Markets- AMAFI

Legal Director of the French Association of Financial Markets – AMAFI

Simon de Monterey Certificate LegalTech

Simon de Charentenay

The Faculty of Law of the University of Montpellier

Director of the Certificate LegalTech at the University of Montpellier
Co-founding member of the incubator of the Montpellier Bar Association
Scientific Advisor to the Global Institute for Law & Innovation

Christophe Délaisement Certificate LegalTech

Christophe Delaisement

Lawyer's Office PARME

Expert in the field of Data law and the Smart City
Founding member of the Young Avo’Tech network

Eve Anne Dujardin Certificate LegalTech

Eve Anne Dujardin

Lawyer's Office Simons Associés

Student IT Lawyer at Simon Associés

Maud Gilet


LegalTech project manager at Seraphin.legal

François Girault

Réseau AGN AVOCATS - Lawyer's Office

Associate Lawyer at Réseau AGN AVOCATS

Thierry Hasson Certificate LegalTech

Thierry Hasson


Deputy General Manager at eDocGroup

Armand Jiptner

Armand Jiptner


Partner at Bengs

Claude Kirchner

INRIA - institut national français de recherche en sciences et technologies du numérique

Directeur de recherche émérite d’Inria
Membre du Comité consultatif national d’éthique pour les sciences de la vie et de la santé
Il dirige le Comité national pilote d’éthique du numérique créé en décembre 2019.
Membre du comité de prospective de la CNIL et du Comité d’orientation technique, stratégique et scientifique de Renater
Membre du conseil scientifique de l’ANSSI (Agence Nationale pour la Sécurité des Système d’Information)
Il co-préside l’initiative franco-japonaise de recherche en cybersécurité.

Sophie Lapierre


Legal data scientist

Louis Larret-Chahine Certificate LegalTech

Louis Larret-Chahine


Co-founder of Predictice

Kristina Lazatian Certificate LegalTech

Kristina Lazatian

Imagine Legal Design

Présidente de Imagine.Legal, agence d’innovation et de transformation juridique par le legal design
Avocate de formation
facilitatrice en design thinking.

Dominique Legeais Certificate LegalTech

Dominique Legeais

University Paris Descartes
CEDAG : Business Law and Management Centre of the University of Paris

Professor at Paris Descartes University
Director Master’s degree in Civil and commercial law at the University of Paris-Descartes
Director of CEDAG (Centre of Business Law and Management of the University of Paris)
Co-director of the journal Droit bancaire et financier (banking and financial law)
Director of the juris-classeur de droit commercial

Nathalie Martial Certificate LegalTech

Nathalie Martial Braz

Institut Universitaire de France
University Paris Descartes
CEDAG: Centre de Droit des Affaires et de Gestion de l'Université de Parist

Professor of private law at the University of Paris Descartes
Junior member of the Institut Universitaire de France
Head of the digital department at the Centre for Business Law and Management of the University of Paris
Co-director of the Intellectual and Digital Property Pole of the Trans Europe Experts association
Co-director of the Master’s Degree in Data Protection Law at the University of Paris

Arthur Lemaître Certificate LegalTech

Arthur Lemaitre


Head of Partnerships at Predictice

Clémence Paré


LegalTech Project Manager at Seraphin.legal

Pierre Mousseron

The Faculty of Law of the University of Montpellier
Business Law Centre University of Montpellier

Professor of corporate and usage law
Director of the Centre for Business Law University of Montpellier
The Faculty of Law of the University of Montpellier

Agnès Robin Certificate LegalTech

Agnès Robin

The Faculty of Law of the University of Montpellier
Institute of Data Science of Montpellier

Lecturer HDR University of Montpellier
Director of the Master’s degree in Intellectual Property and Digital Law
Deputy Director of the certificate LegalTech &Law Innovations
Project manager at the Montpellier Institute of Data Science
Responsible for the certificate “Scientific Data Management”

Alexandra Sabbe Ferri

Lawyer's Office SAGAN

Lawyer at the Paris Bar
Founder of the law firm SAGAN Avocats
Founder of mesindemnités.com

Thomas Saint Aubin Certificate LegalTech

Thomas Saint Aubin

Open Law
Association PrivacyTech
Institute for Digital Fundamental Rights

Président of Seraphin.legal
Co-founder of the associations “Openlaw” and “Privacytech”
Associate Researcher at the Sorbonne Research Department – Public and Private Law of Economics of the IRJS-Sorbonne
Co-founder of the Institute for Digital Fundamental Rights

Arthur Sauzé Certificate LegalTech

Arthur Sauzé

Independent advice and influence

Vanity Fair 30 under 30
Digital Strategy Consultant for Legal Professionals
Influencer in LegalTech

Jacques André Fines Schlumberger Certificate LegalTech

Jacques André Fines Schlumberger

Smartee Lab

Entrepreneur – Smartee Lab
Independent Researcher
Temporary teacher in “mobile technologies” and “blockchain” at the University of Paris II and business schools

Julie Serrier Certificate LegalTech

Julie Serrier

Lawyer's Office Avanty

Lawyer at the Paris Bar
President and Co-founder of Young Avotech

Laszlo Van Daal Certificate LegalTech

Laszlo Van Daal


Head of Public Innovation Law at Seraphin.legal

Serena villata

Serena Villata

CNRS - Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
laboratoire I3S
Institut 3IA Cote d’Azur

Chargée de recherche (CR1) en informatique au CNRS
Membre de l’équipe mixte Wimmics au laboratoire I3S
Directrice Scientifique Adjointe de l’Institut 3IA Cote d’Azur
Laureate d’une Chaire en Intelligence Artificielle au sein de l’Institut I3S
Membre du Comite National Pilote d’Ethique du Numérique (CNPEN).