LegalTech is GlobalTech

"Law is the most powerful school of imagination [...] no poet has ever interpreted nature as freely as a lawyer interprets the truth."

The Trojan War Will not Take Place by Jean Giraudoux, Gallimard-La Pléiade, 1935, p.522

Quote of Hector, son of King Priam and Queen Hecube

Translated into English by Christopher Fry with the title “Tiger at the Gates”

OUR ambition

Imagine and build the future of law - together

Build a Legal Tech Institute that considers law itself as an appropriate object of innovation. The Institute brings together leading international profiles : Professors of Law, LegalTech Entrepreneurs, Professionals of Law from large private law firms and corporate legal departments (lawyers, legal directors…) to rethink the law and create new value-added services.

We believe that innovation in law goes beyond just technology. We see it as a matter of rethinking how we see legal rights of human beings.

Something needs to change


Human beings at the heart of transformation

Digital transformation of law will go well beyond the mere application of tools to the daily work of legal professionals. It requires rethinking the strategy, business model and customer relationships.

The Institute aims for a collaborative approach, positioning the people at the center of any transformation.


Diploma and certification courses

The Institute will serve as a training center that will offer law students and current professionals diplomas and certifications through education with nationally and internationally recognized speakers.

Trainings are developed by the legal professionals currently engaged in the transformation of the legal business process, and recognized as experts in their fields. To support the Institute’s collaborative approach – , placing the customer at the center of the transformation – , training will also focus on the personal and interpersonal skills of lawyers, as well as entrepreneurial skills.

Innovating in law


Support innovative projects

The Institute will become a center of research and development where we will together build the next generation of innovation for legal professionals transforming their businesses.